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Felony Gun Rights Restoration

Justin Randolph is an expert at helping people who have had felony convictions regain their rights to legally own a firearm within the Commonwealth of Virginia. A non attorney legal assistance company which specializes in preparing official court documents required to restore your 2nd Amendment Rights.

Justin has help thousand of former felons restore their rights within the Commonwealth and has been actively serving his community. As a leading gun rights restoration expert he is passionate about helping individuals who may have made a mistake in their pass regain their constitutional rights.

Be Able to Defend Your Home

Guns don’t make us “safe.” They represent a last line of protection when all other home-based defenses and deterrents have failed, or have been bypassed by individuals with intent on doing harm. Can you protect your home from invaders?

Be Able to Protect Yourself

It’s a scary world out there and nobody fights fair. Protect yourself legally without the threat of incarceration and imprisonment. COntact us today for a Free Consultation.

Right To Bear Arms

“A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”~2nd Amendment, U.S. Bill Of Rights

If you were convicted of a Felony in the Commonwealth of Virginia and years have elapsed since your conviction you may be eligible to have your firearm rights restored.

After my house was broken into TWICE in one year, followed by someone trying to car-jack me, I had to be able to protect my home and children. Justin was great! His service helped me regain my legal rights to own a firearm for home and self-protection.

– Karry Barker

Take The First Step

If you are a convicted felon who has had their right to vote and serve on a jury restored, you may be eligible to have your firearm rights restored. Contact Justin Randolph today for a FREE consultation.

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Tell someone you know who may be a convicted felon that it possible that they can have their right restored and we will give you a $100 referral bonus .

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